PAST guest editors

ArchiteXX is a platform that has elevated many voices within our community.


Lauren Greer

Our upcoming guest editor is Lauren Greer. 

Lauren currently runs the Reading Group at ArchiteXX, and has been practicing architecture since graduating from Pratt Institute’s Bachelor of Architecture program in 2014.

Lauren is interested in human rights and ethical design. She is concerned with creating spaces that are not only environmentally conscious, but also conscious of the people that the design serves.   She hopes to expand upon the above interests as her career develops and looks to organizations, such as ArchiteXX, that embody similar ideals and ethos as a means of fostering and developing these ideals both through pedagogy and everyday practice.


Feature 2

Julia served as Sub_teXXt's second guest editor from January through April 2018, publishing 16 interviews with women in the field. Through the series "Madame Architect: Conversations on Finding Your Place and Hitting Your Stride," Julia aimed to shed light on women in architecture from a variety of backgrounds, levels, and corners of the field. 

 Julia is the founder and editor of Madame Architect, having published to date more than 20 interviews with women in the field. She is currently working in business development at FXCollaborative, with prior experience in design and communications. She has been a contributor to Sub_teXXt for the past four years, is on the ULI Young Leaders Group and the AIA Women in Architecture committees, and is a Founding Member of the Wing. Julia received her Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University, graduating with the Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Medal for exceptional merit in the thesis of architecture.


F-Architecture collaborative

For the inaugural guest editorship, f-architecture solicited and contributed critical reflections on architecture as it intersects with the political, cultural, and economic concerns of feminism broadly. Essays on protest, identity, the politicized spaces of the home and the clinic, and evolving configurations of contemporary architectural labor exceed the professional frame of the architecture office (and the appearance of non-male architects within it). By specifically engaging the voices of their peers in spatial practice, f-architecture aimed to introduce other modes of architectural thinking and action.

Feminist architecture collaborative is a three-woman* architectural research enterprise aimed at disentangling the contemporary spatial politics and technological appearances of bodies, intimately and globally. Their projects traverse theoretical and activist registers to locate new forms of architectural work through critical relationships with collaborators across the globe. Current projects are located in New York City, on the US-Mexico border, in the Amazon of Ecuador and in the MENA region. *Virginia Black, Gabrielle Printz, and Rosana Elkhatib