about subtexxt journal


sub_teXXt is the online journal/publication affiliated with ArchiteXX Just as ArchiteXX addresses a gap in architectural organizations, offering an independent, unaffiliated and proactive organization advocating for women, so must the journal fill a gap in existing professional/academic discourse. It is a forum for discussion within the group and a means of engaging an audience who may be dispersed geographically. The content generated by the journal aims to change the dialog within and about architecture. Writing is used to promote the voices of the underrepresented, look critically at ways of harmonizing and negotiating the distance between academy and practice, and challenge the status quo which has marginalized women and minorities.


sub_teXXt Guide to Writing


What we're looking for

We are a collective of professionals and academics of various ages, ethnic and professional backgrounds, and look for a similar diversity in our contributors.Offer an opinion and carefully-considered argument, as jargon-free as possible. We expect writers to be aware of the ongoing discussion around their particular subject of interest, and to contribute original content and fresh perspectives. We take the ambition of women in the profession quite seriously, and yet take every opportunity to have fun and recognize progressive practices. Our writing is serious when it needs to be and lighthearted when it can be.


Topics we cover

Negotiation/Business, Advocacy, Self/Body, Family/ Lifestyle, featuring individuals and firms who are innovative/progressive/noteworthy and especially spotlighting  names you haven’t heard of, and SPACES of all kinds, (way beyond buildings).  We are interested in promoting design work by women - installations, environments, drawings, ideas….


Types of submission

  1. News item: Commentary on a timely topic which should be posted rather quickly to retain relevancy. 300-500 word
  2. Feature articles typically range from 1000-1400 word
  3. Interviews: must be approved for publication by the interviewee. See our profiles for format.


Style guide

  1. Length: Be brief and to the point.
  2. Tone: Write about things you love, question the status quo, be personal, simultaneously thought-provoking and subjective.
  3. Visual submissions are encouraged; draw it, diagram it, photograph it. Say what you want in the medium that best expresses your ideas.

The fine print

  1. Submit your work to sub_teXXt@architexx.org
  2. When submitting your work, please refer to the category that best suits your submission in the subject line. (News Item, Feature or Interview).
  3. Deliver the files in an editable format, preferably .doc/.docx/.txt
  4. Be sure to include pictures if appropriate (with captions and credits).
  5. We follow the Chicago Manual of Style, and it is the writers' responsibility for properly citing all credits.
  6. Please provide indications for any links you would like to reference throughout the text.
  7. We maintain the right to edit the work.

How it works

  1. You submit your great idea and a short 3-sentence bio to include with your article.
  2. It is reviewed by the editorial team. If someone is interested in developing your pitch, an editor will contact you who with guidelines for length and a timeline for the article
  3. The editor reviews your final submission and approves it for posting.
  4. Indicate if you would like to be added to our writers' pool, where we would contact you in the future to match you with potential topics we would like to cover.