ArchiteXX held the WAGE PROJECT


Hosted graciously by Cornell University NYC AAP, it was scheduled in two back to back sessions in order to accommodate the number of women who were interested in attending. Considering the low and accepted compensation levels in our industry we are taking on the myth that having rewarding work means that we must give up our ability to support ourselves and our families, our freedom to live in apartments that are larger than a shared shoebox and ultimately our health. Money deprivation is the elephant in the room and a wellness issue. As a first step into this very large issue, we begin with training in NEGOTIATION, a loud call we are answering from our group.

Led by Wage Project founder, Evelyn Murphy, the Work $mart workshops discussed the history of the wage gap, why it is critically important to change this inequality and what women can do to begin to close the pay gap. Essential components of the Wage Project included how one’s value is determined, how this value directly translates into a monetary increase and specifics about negotiation language. The workshop concluded with a role-playing raise negotiation exercise followed by a debriefing where we discussed how challenging successful negotiation can be, what worked and what did not.

Evelyn Murphy is the former first female Lt. Governor of Massachusetts and the first woman ever elected to statewide office in Massachusetts. She received her PhD in economics from Duke University and believes “being paid what we are worth is fundamental to equality.”