writing group

We believe everyone reading this has something to say, and that something is being left out of mainstream architectural publications.

Our online journal tackles issues which are understated, underpublicized, underrecognized and far from understood including (but far from limited to) the gender wage gap, unpaid internships, equitable pay and fair business practices, and stories of struggle and triumph. With a focus on the present and an eye to the future, Sub_teXXt is a place for critical discussion, personal reflection, noteworthy architecture, and some laughs, too.


Intro to the Sub_teXXt writing group:

We believe that writing is vital to critical discussions of the issues that are most important to us. We recognize there are gaps in what is published about our profession and we are committed to promoting what we deem newsworthy.  We are tired of seeing the same few names in the press, being promoted over and over again. To facilitate writing by, for and about women in architecture, on the first Monday of every month we are creating a physical space where women will have time set aside to write, without distractions, and with access to peer-editing and writing exercises.

The Sub_teXXt writing group will empower young writers and encourage seasoned professionals through the process of publication. Whether to be published on our online journal, Sub_teXXt, or in other publications, we are encouraging smart women to promote their innovative ideas, progressive policies, and the work of other change-agents. Email helloarchitexx@architexx.org to get involved.