Quick Tips from BRIXX: Parenting –Combining family and work


By Julia Gamolina The Parenting meeting drew together a diverse group of women all at different stages of their family planning. Some had children and shared their experiences of work/life balance, some chose not to have children, some were thinking of starting a family, some wanted to prepare for the possibility of a family in the future, and some were youngsters just wanting to hear how it all works!

The most significant insight offered was that raising a child on one’s own is extremely difficult, and in an ideal situation, the child should be raised in a partnership. Also, the industry seems to be divided into more innovative and experimental firms vs. family-friendly firms; a system within the industry must be created that caters to women who want to stay relevant, innovative, and yet involved mothers as well.


“I’ve always been searching for a role model in this industry who has a child – and in this industry, most women at the top do not. I am happy to finally know Nina Freedman, who not only embraces her experiences as a mother first – and as an architect second – but deeply honors it and has allowed it to cultivate her for the better.”

“We had an inspiring conversation about motherhood and on not only the way it has influenced the practice of architecture, but also how it can influence one’s aesthetic and design sensibility.”

“It’s great to be given a venue to share stories, experiences and concerns regarding starting a family and continuing to pursue a career in architecture.”

Julia Gamolina is a New York City based designer, writer, and illustrator. Her academic and professional work focus on branding and identity on all scales - interior, architectural, and urban - with a particular interest in fashion brands. She is currently working for Studio V Architecture, where she also selects, interviews, and mentors interns. Julia is interested in career development and new models of professional practice within the industry. 

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